As of today we’re able to create groups, create posts, and add emoji. When we finalize things like joining a group, commenting, we’ll be able to start making builds for you to try!

Apparently the Internet is being shut down in Iraq, in yet another totalitarian move. This is why you need decentralization.

There should be an app to help you find places to buy Gyros near you. It’d be called Gyroscope.

One of the upsides of our planet turning into a desolate wasteland and a political nightmare is that we have a chance at living in the world of Dune real soon. /s

If Bitcoin’s code is so hard to update, it’s basically stable. Maybe one way to become a stablecoin? 🤔 (cc our cofounder Catman)

Just finished the first draft of our whole product roadmap, with details to turn it into epics and sprints. Should have a good idea of the details of every upcoming feature soon.

We believe that centralization has enabled hostile actors to erode our rights to privacy and free speech.

We wish to bring the values of the 1st and 4th Amendments to the whole world.

Looks like Reddit is down. This is the universe telling all of us to get back to work.

We have some big news coming up tomorrow!

PS: I just love our bridging setup. Being able to both tweet and post to Mastodon via both Discord and Matrix is so incredibly convenient.

Also, I’ll be speaking at the Internet Archive Meetup on October 1st. We’re having a recap of the lessons learned at DWeb Camp and I’ll share thoughts on UX in the space.

The DWeb community in SF is popping off! Come this Thursday at Starfish Mission and are me talk about how to make products on the IPFS stack!

This is why building tools and methodologies to better distribute and preserve data is so important.

The history of civilization is the history of intelligence. And the history of intelligence is the history of the distribution of data across people.

“Excellence is the result of caring more than one may think is wise. Risking more than what is considered safe. Dreaming more than one may think is practical. Expecting more than one may think is possible.”

Really great to see the people of HK using p2p technology to not depend on cloud based app. Somehow, Western users aren’t as savvy or interested.

This week was the YC demo day week. We didn't attend YC, but we got some interest from VCs in the space. Seems they're curious about the dweb. Exciting

We're now able to cross-post from both Discord and Matrix, to Twitter and Mastodon!

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