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In our quest to bridge all the things, in order to increase our quality of life, we’re now able to post to Mastodon from Matrix and Discord! Love it.

@angristan I do, they’re great. I feel they’re more like an alternative to Wordpress. I’m interested in doing something more like Medium. Steemit goes that direction but with the whole crypto cartel problem.

@angristan I'm working on an open source, decentralized Medium alternative. I hate that pop-up so much!

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Since I’m new to Mastodon, any people and companies in the decentralized web space I should follow?

We've setup a Mastodon and a Matrix server for everyone to use!
This means you can start using those services via our instances and get your own pretty account. For example, I'm @shokunin on Mastodon, and on Matrix.

You can sign up for those services there:

@timokoesters thanks for the feedback! I wanted something “out there”. Gonna work on the blur this weekend. Turns out the crazy html5 I’m using acts differently depending on the browser. Color wise, I’m gonna have to play around.

@swedneck @selea @swedneck sure! We’re basically building something like Medium but on top of open standards. We’re using IPFS and webmentions, so you can host your stuff forever and interact with other platforms easily.

Just about done with our new design! We'll be updating the site soon. What do you think?

We've just setup this instance of Mastodon for! The team is really happy to be supporting open standards and self-hosting.

Mastodon is one server in the network